Did You Know?

    • Eating disorders are not defined solely by weight. They may occur in people who can be normal weight, overweight, or underweight.
    • Families are not to blame, and can be the patients’ and providers’ best allies in treatment.
    • Eating disorders are not choices, but serious biologically influenced illnesses.
    • Eating disorders affect people of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, body shapes and weights, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses.
    • Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Early detection and intervention are critical.


For Recovery

Get the help and services you need on your road to recovery. We offer care management, life coaching, and peer mentoring at no cost, and we can connect you to other resources, support groups and treatment options throughout the region.

For Caregivers

Discover how best to help your loved one with recovery, and connect with others through Caregiver Workshops, Parent Peer Mentoring, and Family & Sibling Support Groups.

For Professionals

Build your knowledge and skills about eating disorders and bring it to your practice or organization with educational presentations or Project ECHO®’s teleconference presentations.

For Prevention

By working together we can make the changes required at home, at school, and in the community to promote wellness and prevent body dissatisfaction, unhealthy weight control practices, eating disorders, and obesity.

Events and Support Groups

WNYCCED Upcoming Events

Rochester, NY NEDA Walk

Event Details

Walk Venue: Seneca Park - Longhouse Shelter
Walk Location: 2222 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14621
Walk Date: Sunday, April 28, 2019
Check In Time: 10am
Opening Ceremony: 10:30am
Walk End Time: 12pm
Walk Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Contact: Joan Cunningham

Visit NEDAWALK.org for more information


WNYCCCED Ongoing Support Groups

Please note: All services and support groups provided by the WNYCCCED are free.

Eating Disorder Education & Skills Group

(Co-Facilitated by WNYCCCED’s Michelle Morales & Jennifer Dry De Santo)

Location: Helen Wood Hall / School of Nursing, Loretta Ford Educational Wing, 255 Crittenden Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14642
Cost: This group is free and open to all
Contact: Jennifer Dry De Santo, 585-276-6102, jennifer_desanto@urmc.rochester.edu
Details: To aid in the healing process by providing:

  • Information about the causes, treatment and new findings from research related to eating disorders.
  • Problem-Solving strategies to deal with the difficulties that arise in interacting with and supporting an individual with an eating disorder on a daily basis.
  • Support regarding the conflict, denial, frustration, and other challenges that develop during the course of treatment that can lead to isolation.
  • Awareness in the community (for youth-servicing agencies, schools/colleges, health care providers) regarding the early signs of eating disorders and their effective management.
  • Rochester Eating Disorders Network Support Group

    (Facilitated by WNYCCCED’s Dr. Richard Kreipe)

    Location:Helen Wood Hall / School of Nursing, Loretta Ford Educational Wing, 255 Crittenden Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14642
    Cost: This group is free and open to all
    Contact: Jennifer Dry De Santo, 585-276-6102, jennifer_desanto@urmc.rochester.edu
    Details: The Eating Disorder Network is dedicated to providing support, services and programs for family and friends of loved ones with eating disorders. Its members are primarily parents and loved ones of individuals affected by eating disorders, working in concert with health providers from the Strong Adolescent Eating Disorders Program. Family and friends connected to other community providers are also welcome. Support group activities are designed to complement the professional therapy that is usually required to treat these conditions.

    Taking Steps Forward

    Life coaching for adults who are confronting their eating disorder and those who feel overwhelmed in recovery
    (Facilitated by WNYCCCED’s Sherrill Stahl)

     “Taking Steps Forward” is a free, one hour online/ phone teleforum providing coaching support and education topics for adults with an eating disorder or in recovery. The forum is an opportunity for individuals to get support, ask questions about tackle challenging situations in life/work/social connections, share their experiences and wisdom with their peers, and gain clarity and confidence to move beyond the eating disorder. Individuals will share and discuss healthy strategies and possibilities.
    Benefits of participating online or by phone is that there is no travel involved, you can turn the video off on your computer and still be connected to peers, and you can use a land line phone or cell phone.
    We use ZOOM for the teleforum:
    Time: Thursdays at 7-8 pm

    Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://rochester.zoom.us/j/667518651
    call by telephone: +1 646 558 8656

    The Meeting ID is 667 518 651

    Other Area Support Groups

    Please note: Support groups offered outside of WNYCCCED may charge for their services.

    Individual coaching (Life, Career, Recovery, Wellness)

    (Facilitated by Cindy J. Bitter, BCC CLC BSc. Cindy is a board-certified coach with over 19 years coaching experience in the Rochester community working with recovering individuals and families.)

    Location: Phone sessions, in-person meetings (your home or out in community).
    Participants: Adults
    Details: Coaching is an outpatient transitional, support service, specifically for individuals who are working on recovery and are ready and wanting to experience life without an eating disorder. Coaching is available after inpatient treatment, PHP treatment and compliments outpatient therapy. Coaching focuses on helping individuals go back into community as they continue their recovery work. Coaching will help you create the life you want, help you identify and clarify direction and develop life skills that support recovery, healthy choices, and lifestyle.
    Contact: Cindy to see if coaching is right for you with a free phone consultation at (585) 377-0079 or by email at cynjoy@rochester.rr.com
    Cost: There is a fee for life coaching services.

    Research Study Explores How Relationships with Family, Friends May Hold Key to Eating Disorder Recovery

    This 26-week Multifamily Therapy group treatment method focuses on emotions and relationships, rather than eating disorder behaviors and thoughts. Up to five individuals in recovery and their family/friends can participate. If you or a loved one are between the ages of 18-40, struggling with anorexia nervosa or a related eating disorder marked by food restriction and/or weight loss and are interested in participating in this study, please contact Judy Brasch, study coordinator, at 585-275-6629.