Support Groups

These free, monthly meetings are for families and support people and are facilitated by WNYCCCED leadership and staff who work with providers at the Strong Adolescent Medicine Eating Disorder Program and The Healing Connection. No pre-registration is required.

Our mission is to aid in the healing process by providing: Information about the causes, treatment and new findings from research related to eating disorders. Problem-Solving strategies to deal with the difficulties that arise in interacting with an individual with an eating disorder on a daily basis. Support regarding the conflict, denial, frustration, and other challenges that develop during the course of treatment that can lead to isolation. Awareness in the community (youth-servicing agencies, schools, health care services) regarding the early signs of eating disorders and their effective management.

Every Wednesday, 7:00 PM (ET)

Password: 1277
Dial: 646 876 9923
Meeting ID: 210 361 1690

For more information: Please call 585-276-6102 or Email:

New Maudsley Skills Workshops for Carers

Supporting our loved one who has an eating disorder can feel overwhelming, confusing and uncertain. The WNYCCCED will be offering a free workshop to equip carers with knowledge and skills needed to support their loved one. The workshop follows the evidence-based manual “Caring for A Loved One with an Eating Disorder: The New Maudsley Skills-based Training Manual” by Jenny Langley, Gill Todd and Janet Treasure. We will focus on increasing knowledge about the illness, enhancing carers strengths while promoting necessary self-care, improve communication skills and learning effective skills to strengthen treatment.

Workshop dates: held occasionally via ZOOM over four consecutive weeks. Participants will need to attend all four sessions to fully benefit from content.

If you would like to attend, please provide me with your intent of interest and contact information for each person interested in joining. Once we have received your intent of interest, you will be given dates of upcoming monthly workshops that have openings for you to register. Register for the month you are available. You will receive a confirmation email along with necessary information to join the workshop.

For more information, email:

Life coaching helps you clarify your life values and identify and achieve your life goals. Life coaching is especially helpful for individuals in recovery who are experiencing transitions, e.g., beginning or returning to college, starting a new job, returning to work, and/or beginning a new relationship. We offer group-based and individual life coaching.

Life Coaching is taking one step at a time, revealing and discovering your passions and purpose. When in recovery, we have a big space open that was filled with the eating disorder. Now there is room to really discover authentic parts of yourself, identifying likes and dislikes, and helping you to see a vision for your future. Life coaching leads you through personal and identity development and helps you create a blueprint that will lead you to a life you truly want to live. With Vision and a roadmap in front of you, you gain a deeper sense of purpose, and with purpose, there is a greater passion for life.


"This space is important to me. Without having to try hard, I feel like a better person. I am being validated and given permission to feel good about myself" ~ Summer

"I'm believing that the resources for healing and transformation are going to grow.....and many are going to find freedom and new life. I am so grateful to be apart of this [coaching] process!" ~ Olivia

To register or find more information email:

The young adult peer mentor acts as a resource and sounding board offering support and information to help individuals navigate recovery. The peer mentor is able to share personal experiences and support others in identifying challenges, strengths, and needs in order to move ahead.

Recovery Support Group run by Nicole Watson takes place on the 4th Tues of each month @ 7-8 pm (ages 18 and over)